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Data Science Course Training in Salem

Data Science Nextz technologies is a leading institute in offering courses in data science. It likes to listen to market demands and keeps a close watch on technological innovations. Data scientists are known for earning large salaries and for holding prestigious roles in a variety of fields.

Regarding Data Science

The best is as finest training for aspirants is offered by the Data Science Course training in Salem, which has a long history of excellence. Since institutes have successfully established courses that were motivated, it is conceivable to enroll in Data Science Lessons in Salem. Data science is simply data mining since it uses procedures, scientific methodology, algorithms, and systems to extract consciousness from any data, whether it is structured or unstructured. The advanced Data Science Course training in Salem has been created by our team of knowledgeable, experienced instructors to advance students in every aspect.

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Why should you engage in data science training?

Almost all of the areas of the business, both established and emerging, are promoting data science. This has created a huge quantity of appealing career opportunities.

Why should you engage in data science training?

Almost all of the areas of the business, both established and emerging, are promoting data science. This has created a huge quantity of appealing career opportunities. The beautiful part about getting a Machine Learning certification in Salem is that one doesn't need to attend college to become a Data Scientist. They can choose an excellent institute and batches that are sufficient for receiving certification. Institutes like Nextz technologies opportunities for professionals who can choose Data Science course training in Salem. As a result, obtaining a Data Science certification aids them in ascending the organizational structure, opening up numerous opportunities and giving the information scientist a wide range of choices. The most successful education is offered by a great team of tutors at Nextz technologies, where aspirants might choose data science training. Whether you believe it or not, the market today is completely data-driven. It, therefore, has created a possibility for a software engineer who possesses the expertise to drive this portion of the value of the data. The minority of the instructors in data science courses are skilled professionals with experience running sizable training exercises. These instructors have years of experience working for Big Data and Data Science firms and have honed their abilities via their various positions in the data analytics sector. With our excellent Data Science Training in, which also integrates current industry trends, you will have a fantastic learning experience.

Big Data

  •  Introduction to Big Data

  •  Characteristics of Big Data

  •  Big data examples


  •  Hadoop HDFS

  • HadoopArchitecture

Map file

  •  MapReduce Default 

  •  Filtering Data 

  •  Separate Sorting

How some Nextz technologies, you ask?

1. If you're on the fence about taking data science course training in Salem, you should read about the benefits of this course below. 

2. Our coaches are seasoned professionals who are actively employed by leading MNCs and ensure regular projects that help students learn more effectively.

3. We provide a Data Science course in Salem that is focused on getting students a job and promises chances by giving them a globally recognized credential.

4. To help students pick up new information quickly and develop their skills effectively, our team makes sure that they work on real-world projects.

5. We have a placement team that works around the clock to find new options for students so that everyone is placed successfully.

Training in Data science

The top trainers and specialists create the training at Nextz Technologies Institute, giving our coaching a first-rate education. We have created a product method of data analytics training in Salem that uses the most recent methodologies. Every participant in our Data Science Certification Program receives a very special and satisfying accreditation . The top IT and job placement businesses in India have accepted our accreditation. In the fields of Data Science and other data computing technology, you will be able to obtain certification and find the best employment opportunities. For young workers, the abovementioned data science course covers topics like R, Python programming, machine learning methods, and conceptual natural language processing. using an active learning strategy that consists of live sessions from international professionals, practical labs,  Workshop, and project needs. frameworks as well as Data Visualization using Tableau, in-depth. Additionally, you will work on more than 12 industrial projects and at least 4 capstone projects using data from Uber, Flipkart, Amazon, and Netflix. Therefore, enrol in our Data Science Course in Salem to prepare for the significant employment trends in top corporations.

Decision trees in Data science

Decision Trees: Data Science Supervised Learning

Introduction to decision trees and applications
Decision Tree Algorithm Types:
Decision Tree Construction Using Reduced Examples; At each Semi node, selecting the "Best" property; Regression models, Entropy, Information Gain, Gini Index, and Chi Square
Decision Tree Generalization; Information Content and Gain Ratio; Dealing with Numerical Variables and Other Randomness Measures
Decision tree pruning; taking costs into account; Unwrapping Rules from Trees
Decision Trees, Confirmation Overfitting, and Avoidance Best Business practices

Data science course online training in Salem

With the generation of data growing at an astounding rate, Nextz Technologies is the best online data science course training institute in Salem. Data science is now a necessary part of many sectors, including land management, business statistics, and commerce. Data science has gotten incredibly well-known since it has just been applied in several fields. The Nextz technologies Training Institute is recognized as the top provider of online data science courses around the globe, enabling students to find satisfying employment wherever. The application of statistical procedures, which are typically applied similarly regardless of the field, is typically the emphasis of data science. The  Certification is recognized by all massive global businesses.

course eligibility for
  1. Freshers

  2. Candidate for BE or BSc

  3. Any engineers?

  4. Every Graduate

  5. Any Graduate

  6. applicant for this course

syllabus in DATA SCIENCE

1. VMware installation

2.MYSQL Database 


1.1 Overview of Big Data

1.2 Big Data Characteristics

Examples of big data

 Hadoop I Introduction to BigData, Hadoop, and HDFS

B)Hadoop Architecture

2.1 Hadoop Architecture  Setting up Ubuntu on VM Workstation 11 and adding Java

Versioning and configuration of Hadoop

Installation of Hadoop on a single Ubuntu node

Installation of Hadoop on a single Ubuntu node

Hadoop instructions

Block positioning and cluster architecture

2.3 Hadoop Local Mode Modes

Distributed Pseudo-Mode

Complete Distribution Mode

2.4 Master components for Hadoop (Name Node, Secondary Name Node, Job Tracke

C) Slave elements (Job tracker, Task tracker)

Task Instance 1.10

3.1 Commands for Hadoop HDFS

3.2 Java Approach for Accessing HDFS Introduction to MapReduce

3.3 The Methods of the Mapper Class

3.4 Definition and types of partitioners

3.5 Connection between HDFS Blocks and Input Splits

3.6 MapReduce: Partitioner & Combiner

3.7 Data types unique to Hadoop

3.8 Working on Analytics for Unstructured Data

 D) Analyses of Maps

4.1 Job reduction (MR-1)

4.2 Initialization & Submission of the Map

4.3 Job Cuts: What Happens?

4.4 Choosing & Carrying Out Tasks

4.5 Monitoring and MapReduce Progress Finishing the task of handling the map Ensure Job Task Success

4.6 A TaskTracker error

4.7 Failure of JobTracker

4.8  Advanced Topic for MapReduce: In-Depth Shuffle and Sorting for Performance and Optimization

Speculative Execution,

4.9  Committers to Output

4.10 Reusing JVM in MR1

4.11 Setting up and adjusting performance

4.12 A more sophisticated MapReduce algorithm

4.13 File-Based Data Structure

E) File Sequencing

5.1 MapFile

5.2 MapReduce Default Sorting

5.3 Filtering Data (Map-only jobs)

5.4 Separate Sorting

5.5 Data Lookup Strategies

5.6For MapFiles

 5.7Sorting Metho

5.8 Overall Sort (Globally Sorted Data)

5.9 InputSampler

5.10Primary Sort

5.11 DataTypes and Formats for MapReduce:

5.12 Hadoop Serialization

5.13 Writeable and Comparable Hadoop

6.1 MapReduce Formats and Types

6.2Recognize the variations between Block and InputSplit

6.3 RecordReader's Function

6.4 FileInputFormat  

6.5 ComineFileInputFormat with Single Mapper for processing the entire file 

 G) Segmentation in Data Science Unsupervised Learning

 7.1 hat is segmentation and how does ML work in segmentation?

7.2 Distance concept and corresponding

mathematical background

7.3 Maximizing K-Means Clustering Expectations

7.4 Heterogeneous Clustering

7.5 Clustering of Species (DBSCAN)

7.6 Analyzing the principal components (PCA)

 H) Data Importing / Exporting

 8.1Introduction R/R-Studio – GUI

 8.2 Concept of Packages – Useful Packages (Base & Other packages)

 8.3 Data Structure & Data Types (Vectors, Matrices, factors, Data frames,  and Lists)

 8.4 Importing Data from various sources (txt, dlm, excel, sas7bdata, db, etc.)

 8.5 Database Input (Connecting to database)

Exporting Data to various formats)

 8.6 Viewing Data (Viewing partial data and full data)

Variable & Value Labels –  Date Values

Data Manipulation

our hiring procedure
  1. placements for qualifying criteria questions for interviews and training

  2. preparing a resume,

  3. doing an attitude test,

  4. scheduling interviews

  5. job obtained

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